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Visit to Uniview HQ in China

It is an honor to be a partner of a reputed brand in the surveillance industry. Back in December 2019, Nashuatec Centre got an opportunity to work with one of the prominent Government organizations “Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited”. We deployed Visual Security systems at 13 different regions across Pakistan. In context to this project […]
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AI+ Empowering Future On

In October 2018, Nashuatec Centre organized a Seminar regarding “Artificial Intelligence Empowering Future ON” at Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore in collaboration with Hikvision China. Technical team of Nashuatec Centre displayed the high-tech Equipment embedded with advanced features and presented physical demonstration for the participants. They also responded to queries of respected guests and general visitors. […]
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LightHunter TechnologyThe main goal of video surveillance is to see clearly anytime, anywhere. Cameras need to be well prepared for providing high-resolution and colorful images in different light conditions. The LightHunter Technology is an innovative technology that delivers vivid color, appropriate brightness, and extremely clear images in ultra-low light. LightHunter Technology significantly improves the image […]
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Universal Block Storage (UBS)

As a critical part of video surveillance system, ensuring the recording of the video data is the key to keeping all of the necessary information. The current trend of video surveillance is to increase recording date and volume, which threatens the efficiency and reliability of the data. To solve the problem, Uniview developed the innovative […]
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PixelSense Technology

The main goal of video surveillance is to see clearly anytime, anywhere. Cameras need to be well prepared for providing a high-resolution and colorful image in different light conditions. Day& Night are two essential scenes due to different illumination environments. Without enough light entering the sensor in low light conditions, the infrared ray can be […]
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Ultra265 & U-code 2.0

From ADSL to 4G, from Resistive Touch Screens to OLED, electronic products are in pursuit of higher and higher definitions. Started from the D1 resolution, video surveillance products now reached 4K which is 25 times higher. However, the development speed was held back by the increasing need for storage space and bandwidth brought by higher […]
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