It is our pride to talk about our unparalleled services since our establishment. We have successfully deployed our Surveillance Solutions at various departments of Government of Pakistan as well as corporate business. Customers are able to count on our in-class availability regardless of location anywhere in Pakistan. We put forward proficient knowledge of our resulted product range and applications to almost every industry zone namely: Hospitals Medical Industry, Education Sector, Monetary Sector, Shopping Malls, Airports, Warehouses, Corporate Offices, Power Plants, Construction Sector, Transport and Highways, Textile Sector. We are certified to the utmost values in various regions of the country assuring our reliability in company with perfect matching to your requirements by universality of our solutions.

  • Banking & Finance

Banks and financial institutions are high-traffic, high-risk and vulnerable facilities that require proper safety and security. In any banking environment, affordable High Definition Surveillance Systems are critical to secure, monitor, and deter the. With technology and industry advancements in CCTV Surveillance, there has never been a beer me to upgrade to a high definition security camera system. Enhance your banks security with HD video and protect yourself against fraud, the and other liabilities.

  • Access Control System

Providing effective safety and security measures for the workplace is well served by access control systems with intelligent software includes Standalone single door card access, Networked multi-door card access, Rules based access control management, Automated event management, Temporary or permanent assets protection and Perimeter protection.

  • Intelligent Transport System

Traffic cameras are an innovative and extremely functional use of video surveillance technology. Whether they’re recording traffic patterns for future study and observation or monitoring traffic and issuing tickets for moving violations, traffic cameras are an explosively popular form of video surveillance.